ACTS Program
 Led By: ACTS Team

A.C.T.S. - Breaking the Bonds of Addiction

"No one can make you change your situation. You have to make that decision."

The Alcohol and Chemical Treatment Series (A.C.T.S
.) is a ministry that reaches out to the community following the example set forth by Jesus to show compassion to those in need.

What is A.C.T.S.?
A.C.T.S. is a curriculum-based, self-help, recovery and eductional program. It is designed to help the individual or family deal with the problems that are associated with alcohol and chemical abuses. A.C.T.S. offers a holistic approach that includes the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of an individual or family.

Benefits of A.C.T.S.
> it reinforces positive character development
> diffuses many possible problem areas
> often prevents costly loss of property and lives
> community based program brought to you through the efforts of concerned and certified instructors

Advantages of Using A.C.T.S.
> can assist with probation requirements
> can assist the school system with delinquency and detention requirements
> provides support group settings for participants and their families

For more information about the A.C.T.S. Program or if you would like to be involved, please contact Bro. Doc Hunt at (850) 994-7745

*all information on this page about A.C.T.S. was obtained from an A.C.T.S. informational flyer from a certified instructor